Men on Boats

Men on Boats by Jaclyn Blackhaus

This show was fully designed the summer of 2020 planning for an in person season until the last minute. I had intended for a fully realized set in Emerson College’s Greene Theatre. When Emerson Stage made the decision to do its planned season in an online platform, I worked closely with the entire production team, including the directors, production and stage management, as well as the lighting designer and our assistant to create a design that would work for the screen. The drafting is from the intended stage version, and the images are from the model built of my original set, which was lit in Emerson College’s light lab and used as backgrounds for the show.

Directors: Maureen Shea and Sarah Hickler

Scenic Design: Sarabeth Spector

Assistant Scenic Design: Piper Phillips

Technical Director/Model: Keith Cornelius

Lighting Design: Amanda Ryan

Costume Design: Ceilidh Welsh

Sound Design: David Reiffel